Sunday, November 26, 2006

I don't call them Scrumbles.

I don't call them Scrumbles because that term was coined years after I began doing this.

When you grab some yarn and some needles or a crochet hook and start making fabric using various stitches you can create original and exciting new things.

I'm more used to calling this organic crochet and knitting, but the current trend has renamed it Free Form and called the pieces 'scrumbles'. I call my pieces Jigsaw Puzzles, because each piece is joined to other parts until enough fabric is made to create a garment or a purse or a pillow or something tangible.

This is a lot like abstract painting with fibers instead of paint. I consider myself a fabric artist.
I made my first garment (a floor length robe for street performing) in about 1989. I didn't have internet access until 1995 so I'm afraid I don't have any photos of it. If I ever find it in storage, I'll be sure to post a photo. I'm not even sure I still have it. Like many things in life, we would have documented them better if we thought they'd be important milestones later.