Mood Afghan 2015

Every few days I'll record my progress on the freestyle 2015 Mood Afghan that I started through a group on Facebook. As far as I've seen, I'm the only one doing a freestyle afghan. Most of them are doing squares. Some are doing hexagons and some are doing rows.

Day 1: Two toned blue spiral. I love spirals. I thought I'd start off with that. Blue is the color of the throat chakra and communication.

Day 1: Blue Spiral
Day 2: Some cheerful pink circles.

Day 2: Circles to go with the circle theme.This color reminds me of cupcake icing and days at the carnival.

For my birthday I was in such a happy purple mood. 
Day 3: Purple oval
Day 4: Lavender border

Day 5: You can't tell in the photo but the center is a lovely silver with flecks of other colors.  Silver is goddess energy.  I surrounded it with magenta for love and turquoise for protection.

Day 6: With all the stores showing off their Valentine's Day items, I can't help it if I have hearts on the brain. Here is my happy purple color with a heart to represent love.

Crocheted purple circle with knitted magenta heart.
Sage green and magenta
Day 7: End of the first week. I wanted green, the color that attracts growth and money, surrounded by lovely bullion knots in magenta.

Day 8 and 9:

First I did the purple, and the next day I did the lavender.
Some of the pieces joined together.

Day 10 was the dark purple strip in the photo above. 

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