Monday, July 6, 2009

Knitting and Crocheting Combined

I'm glad to see more TV shows on with both knitting and crocheting. There is a station called Create TV that shows how to do something like cables with knitting and then shows how to do something similar with crochet. It you are going to be working with your hand and with yarn anyway, it doesn't make much sense not to learn both. Once you know both there are so many more things you can make. And it speeds things up in many cases. For example a crocheted purse handle is much faster to make than a knitted idiot cord handle. And it's easier to crochet around the edge of a veil than to knit around one.

There are many books out on knitting and crocheting edgings. If you are tired of boring t-shirts for example, you can cut off the collar and cuffs and crochet around them instead. You can also crochet edgings around handkerchiefs, dress hems, pocket edges, and the tops of socks. Have fun exploring.

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